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LezliDax has made a superb Janine Cosplay, which she'll be wearing for her 1000 Likes photoshoot

what she needs from you is to answer her poll: Should Janine get slimed by Slimer during the shoot? or be spared a fate full of goo?…

Lezlie will also be doing an "Ask Me" video as Janine, had a question you wanted answered? Post it here! She'll see it and maybe even answer it as Janine in her video

You can check out her YouTube page here:
Happy Halloween! ;)
ghostly-kombat by frankenart

How did this battle happen?

From :iconwolfram-and-hart: (What a great username!)

Prime Evil sent in Mysteria in disguise to sweet talk Peter into helping her with a supposed ghost problem. Meanwhile, Haunter was sent to cause trouble in the Filmation's Ghostbusters' universe and draws them to a trap. When the Filmations Ghostbusters get to an old house and the Real Ghostbusters arrive at the supposed haunted house in their world, a portal opens and both sets of Ghostbusters are transported to a ghostly dimension.

What do YOU think happened?

'came across this killer Leo as a Ghostbuster:

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Ghostbustin' Leo by Derrico13

"For ten lucky people I've decided to open my studio doors and design characters with you.
This is your chance to work with a seasoned Hollywood Professional on your own characters for one week.

Here's how it works:
Email me at:
I will send you a Paypal request for $55 US Dollars
Once I have received the payment you will be sent an email confirming that we have begun.
This email will tell you how we will work together for the following week.

I will help you with any original CHARACTER or CREATURE that you have created and wish to improve.
Together we will work on structure and design.  

You keep the copyrights of all of your original designs.
Both of us will be able to post the results of our collaboration on any social media.

Looking forward to working with you!"

Fil Barlow was born in Adelaide, Australia, in 1963. His first comic, 'Zeroy', was already printed in a Sunday paper when he was twelve years old. He studied art in Melbourne and started his comic 'Zooniverse' in 1986, published in the United States. From 1987 until 1989, he worked on the children's animation series 'Alf', 'Cops' and 'Captain Nintendo'. Back in Australia he returned to comics, and published 'Rex Vectar' in 1991, a series which ran until 1994.

In 1996 Fil Barlow and Helen Maier returned to America and formed Artopia, an animation production house based in LA. Through this company, Fil Barlow has been working as a lead character designer for such shows as 'Extreme Ghostbusters', the animated 'Godzilla', the 3D series 'Starship Troopers: Roughneck Chronicles', 'Max Steel', 'Heavy Gear' and Adam Sandler's feature 'Eight Crazy Nights', as well as Production Designer on 'Tutenstein'. He also designed 90 creatures and characters for the X-FILES game 'Resist or Serve'.

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